Pivot Table & Charts

A free desktop tool for creating insightful reports

  • Summarize
  • Analyze
  • Report

Compose professional reports with a self-service analytics tool

No developer, SQL, or Excel is needed

Easy to start

Highly functional, fast and not as complex as other BI tools! Get started in 3 easy steps:

Install this pivot grid app for any platform: macOS, Windows, or Linux.

Connect to your data: JSON, CSV, OLAP, or Elasticsearch.

Your first pivot is ready!

Analyze & explore your data

Use Excel-like features for interactive reporting

Aggregate, group, filter, sort, and drill through your data to spot patterns and catch insights

Use intuitive navigation

Create reports faster with our user-friendly UI

Drag & drop rows and columns, use right-click context menus, and access all the key product functions from the Toolbar — everything is easily accessible.

Create Pivot Charts

Visualize your data differently

Switch to built-in pivot charts and give your data a brand-new look.

Design your report

Make it fit your needs

Choose one of our 16 themes to customize your report’s look & feel.

Highlight what matters most with conditional and number formatting with your custom logic.

Present the results

Share insights with your boss or team

Export the results to PDF, CSV, Excel, HTML, or PNG or print it.

Start analyzing your data:
you don’t need to be an analyst to look through data and get insights.

No pitfalls, It’s free.


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